Jio Cloud Azure Devops Services

Azure DevOps Services
Azure DevOps Services


Deliver collaboration with modern, reliable DevOps tools on JioCloud

Manage complex environments at scale through DevOps

DevOps is a combination of terms of development and operations that enable code sharing, tracking, managing development pipelines, testing environments, dashboard creation and management services for executing developer tasks.

With DevOps on JioCloud powered by Microsoft Azure you get access to premium tools like Azure DevOps, Azure Repos, Azure Pipelines, etc. These tools help share code, track work and ship software. You can set up labs for a classroom, trials, development or testing. And, distribute, deploy, and monitor iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS apps automatically in the same space.

So, whether the DevOps implementation is at early stage, or you are looking to integrate with your existing toolchains and processes, building an end-to-end continuous delivery pipeline is faster and more secure with Jio's DevOps technologies.

What you get with DevOps

Increase productivity and enhance workflows with our extensive DevOps solutions.

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Diversified advantages that JioCloud brings to your business.

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